Work for Us

When you are deciding whether or not a company is right for you, there are often a lot of factors involved. Does it fit my schedule? Is it right for my personality? Where will this take me in the future?

If you’re reading this right now then you’re a self-starter, you’re interested in having a flexible schedule and setting your own goals. You’ve already taken the first step and started exploring your career with Monarch Productions. As someone with an outside sales personality you’re going to be in high demand in today’s job market, so really the important question is this- Why Monarch?

You’ll have a completely flexible schedule, no deadlines, no sales goals, it’s all up to you. We are entirely commission based, but in our case this is a strength, not a weakness. Most companies pay you for your sale and send you on your way, leaving you to deal with your client relationship on your own time. We do things a little differently.

We know that you will likely be the first person a customer calls when they have a question, or want something tweaked on their site. Those questions should be sent on to us, but we want you to be invested in our company long term, and view those interactions positively. We want you to naturally provide a positive customer experience. That’s why we share a portion of the monthly recurring revenue of your website sales.

I will repeat that, as I believe it is a completely unique offer in the world of sales. You will keep getting paid for the work you have done as part of our team. When a client calls, send them to us, your work is done. But your paycheck keeps going. Every month you receive one fifth of the web hosting fee that your client pays.

When you are building a client base with Monarch you are creating income for your future. The average web hosting fee is $30, imagine how that will work for you. Sign up a hundred clients and you’ll receive an upfront commission on those clients, and that’s great. But what makes this an amazing opportunity is what happens for months afterwards, as you receive a profit share from each of those one hundred websites. As I said, your work is done, you will not be required to troubleshoot.

It’s worth it to us, to have you provide a moment of positive customer service if a client calls and you have to redirect them here. It’s worth it to have you invest two minutes and call them back with the proper contact information if they leave a voicemail with a question. It’s worth it to have you believe in your company, and in the product that you are bringing to the customer. And we believe it will be worth it to you, to invest your time and effort into helping us grow as a business.

Use the Contact Us link today to receive information on how to sell Monarch sites and get started building your future. It’s worth it.