What is the difference between coding and web design?

The simplest way to explain it is draw a parallel- what is the difference between art and architecture?

A lot goes into making a building, there are the state, county and municipal building codes. There is the physics of creating a structure that will stay upright through certain weather conditions. There is the necessity of function- a museum is set up quite differently than a home. There is the aesthetic aspect, of how the building will strike the viewer as an objet d’art, separate from the previous considerations.

Design deals with the last two items in that list. A good web designer will understand how people use the internet, and maximize the effectiveness of your site based on that understanding. Since the internet is not something tactile, people tend to lose sight of the fact that consumers still follow basic, instinctual patterns when interacting with websites. For instance- content placed “below the fold” (anywhere you have to scroll down to see) is much less likely to be viewed than content above the fold. This is a pattern that is true in hard print, and holds true in its non-corporeal cousin. In fact, the term “below the fold” is a reference used in newspaper design, referring to articles that show when the paper is folded in half, face up.

In addition to maximizing function, a good designer also plays the role of an interior decorator. We recommend you meet with a style consultant for exactly this reason. A great website will convey information, but it will also evoke an emotional response. Sometimes that response is deliberately serious, or sterile, like on a news site. Sometimes a business owner will want excitement, or security, happiness, desire… the list is as long as the range of human emotion. Sitting down with a consultant to view a range of options is the best way to give us an idea of what you want, so we can help your business express itself in an attractive, high impact way.

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