What is a Templated Website?

A template is a design that you plug your information into and place on the web, kind of like buying a whole room set from Rooms to Go instead of picking out each design element yourself. So is this better or worse than having a custom designed site? Far, far better- and here’s why.

Web design is not spatial, it doesn’t exist in the real world, and so a “Simple Change” to a custom site could take hours to implement, which translates into a very large bill. Talk about not getting enough bang for your buck. With templated websites you get to look through a portfolio of finished designs and select which one is best for you. You’ll know what your site will look like before it ever goes live, and you’ll get to pick from finished products created by experienced web designers. Since websites are accessed through a browser they function very differently than a flyer or an ad, and it can be very beneficial to have someone with web experience optimizing your site for you.

Using templates gives you access to a wide variety of options, so you can still wind up with exactly what you want, professionally made. It ensures that there are no surprises and that your site is set up in a user friendly way. It does all this at a fraction of the cost of a custom site. While we do offer custom sites, Monarch keeps its customer’s best interests in mind and highly recommends that you make an appointment with a style consultant to see if a template is right for you before signing up to pay a higher start up fee. If you’re happy you’ll send others our way (and earn yourself a free month of service) and we’ll be happy too. We believe in grass roots growth, and templated websites are just one way that we try to help you grow you business in an affordable, dependable way.