There aren’t *that* many people on the internet- are there?

There aren’t *that* many people on the internet- are there?

As of June 30th 2012, the Miniwatts Marketing Group measured the number of internet users in the US at 245,203,319.

Wow. That’s not everybody, but it’s pretty darn close. I like that statistic because it really gives my clients perspective on how important it is to have a website, and here’s and even better one- as of the same date 166,029,240 people were on Facebook. I’m positive there are even more Facebook accounts now. Why does it matter who is on Facebook? Aside from the obvious- that you might want to be on Facebook yourself (we can help with that too)- it shows *what* people are using the internet for. They’re using it socially. Googling someone before you date has become a common practice and those same people who immediately power up their laptop or unlock their smartphone at the first sign that they might have “the one” are going to be doing the same thing for everything. Where to eat, what to wear, where to shop.

People haven’t stopped looking for recommendations on how to spend there money (and where), they’re just looking for them in a different place now. Even if you have a steady flow of customers you’re missing opportunities to snag new ones, or even to reconnect with former customers, if you’re not on the web. If someone hasn’t come to visit you in a while they will want the reminders that a web site provides about your product. When people walk in the door now, they do it to buy, and they don’t want to do that until they’ve looked at what they want, in a no pressure environment.

All of the big corporations recognize that the internet is the new marketing frontier, it’s why they’re all jumping on the social media bandwagon. The great thing about the ‘net, especially in this stage of it’s development, is that smaller companies can set up websites that look just as good (or better) than multi-million dollar corporations – if they know the right people.

That’s actually why we created Monarch Productions. We support small businesses, and the people who run them. From running our own businesses we realized how easy it was to compete online, if you had the training. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have an interest in computers, or the time to get proficient if they do. To have a successful website you need both programming knowledge and marketing experience and odds are you don’t know people who do both. Well- you didn’t know people who do both. Now you do.

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