What is SEO and why does it matter to you?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. That doesn’t mean making Google run any faster or produce better results for you, it’s actually the process of pushing your website up the rankings for search engine results. Why does that matter? After all, if someone types in Greg’s Fantastic Foods, you pop up on the first page.

That’s great because, as I mentioned in a previous post, you want to be able to present a beautiful, controlled brand image when your clients are looking you up. Having a website lets them review your product and your company if they are a referral, or if they are an old client looking to reconnect. What SEO does is an added bonus- it helps bring new clients in the door.

If Greg is selling organic foods in Savannah, Georgia, he doesn’t just want to pop up when someone types in the name of his business- he wants to have a high ranking when someone looks for “Organic foods Savannah Georgia”. Or “Buy organic food Savannah”. You get the picture.

When a search engine is deciding which websites are the best match for certain keywords, it’s using a lot of factors. Is it even aware the site exists? We register with the search engines for you. How many links are there to and from the site? This helps determine if the site is legitimate or spam. When Monarch lists you with the main directories (Yelp, Manta, Google Maps, etc.) you are getting links to your website, and we will also link back to those web listings to give you links from it as well. Search engines review the website’s word content, looking for matches or synonyms, and also the site’s tags.

That’s kind of a lot, and working your way up the rankings is progressive (it doesn’t happen over night and it’s something you want to keep working on). It helps to hire an expert. When we set up your website we will be going through and optimizing it for you- we want you to succeed. We don’t stop once it’s up.

Your monthly maintenance fee doesn’t all go towards hosting. We offer you two technical troubleshoots free of charge. So if you get mentioned on a website, tv station, radio station or anywhere else that we can connect to, we will get you linked up and you don’t pay a penny. If you want to run a special (search engines love fresh content), let us know, you can do it twice a month at no charge. Given that the average hourly rate for a web developer (in both Buffalo and Savannah) is about $29/hr- that is an incredible value.

Want to schedule an appointment to find out more? Click the contact us link and we will be happy to find a time to connect you with a style consultant. A beautiful, affordable web presence is just a click away.