Do you need a website? Yes.

We can’t emphasize this enough to our customers, even if you are not looking to sell a product through an online venue, you still need to have a web presence. People today are spending 80% as much time online as they are watching TV (I was shocked when I found that statistic). With sites and apps like Google Maps and Yelp it is incredibly important to give consumers the option of finding out more about your company- if you don’t, rest assured, someone else will. Your website will also tend to be the first thing that pops up when a customer is searching your business name, so it gives you a great opportunity to help create a good first impression.

We understand that there is a lot of behind the scenes interaction that can range from confusing to impossible to understand, and that you probably don’t want to waste your time learning it. That’s why Monarch takes care of it for you. Our Director of Marketing and Design has completed SMMU’s course series (Social Media Marketing University), researched everything from apps to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will be putting that knowledge to use for you.

Even our most basic website packs offer services that you may have never considered, but will have an impact on your business. A simple site setup includes directory registration, search engine optimization and search engine registration. What does that mean? When you sign up with us, one of our representatives adds the link for your website to the major online directories, a web design representative includes important keywords in your text, and links back and forth from the directories and any additional web resources you may already use to drive your site up the search rankings. We also register you with the major search engines, so as soon as your site goes live they know about it.

Your site becomes active within 72 hours of signing up- three days and you are ready to go. Click on our Contact Us link to schedule an appointment with a style consultant today.